Label: Independent

Genre: Art punk, Post-punk, Post-hardcore, Noise-rock

Hometown: Boston, MA

Sounds like: Screaming Females, Future of the Left, IDLES

"...like passengers aboard a senior cruise - all you can eat."

Miracle Blood has packed lots of weird and explosive energy into their latest record, “This Message Contains No Content.”  While only 3 songs, the band is still able to show the full range of their dynamic blend of art-punk, grunge and post-hardcore.  There are times of brash, pounding dissonance as well as moments of surprisingly soft vulnerability.  The band simultaneously branches out while pushing their sound in a more focused direction and laying claim to some new, unique territory.  The record drops on January 24, 2020.

Now a trio, the Miracle Blood originally started as two-piece in 2014 between long-time friends and collaborators Andrew Wong (guitar, vocals) and Tomoharu Tamaki (drums).  Garret Young joined in on bass (and friendship) in 2016.  Since inception, the band has worked hard to develop their own sound and audience.

In 2019, the band released 3 short EPs, each showcasing different aspects of their sound.  "Pushing Roses / Call All the Nurses" highlights the band’s punk roots and melody.  "Swollen / Sentinel" unloads a heaviness that speaks for itself.  The last of the EP, "Bloom / Polite and Calm," finds the band pushing their songwriting, incorporating surprises and twists.

With building momentum, a sharpened sound and yet another new record, Miracle Blood seems poised to campaign into 2020 with their new message, or lack thereof.